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Enemy Squad

Review 06/05/98 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At Tramps in NYC (with Rhythm Republik) I was fortunate to catch both Rhythm Republik and Enemy Squad at Tramps in New York felt like being at the Wetlands again!!! I had to jump on Kregg Ajamu for not putting me on the Rhythm Republik guest list.....I always supplied him with photos for the other Rhythm Republik performances! I met 2 other members of Rhythm Republik since their last performance: Eric "Boogie" Wilson and David "Wildstar" Council. Anyway, the show started at 9:15pm. Rhythm Republik started with the funky "Sweatshop Blues". The tune was sweet to the ears and sounded real bluesy towards the end. The Rhythm Republik set list was: Sweatshop Blues Disposable Culture All Saints Fall Mystical Lover Thigh Body of Life Daddy I Wonder Never Put Me Under (Rise Up) Some interesting things about their set: On the song "Never Put Me Under (Rise Up)", it seems like the band sped up the tempo a sounded different. Also, Kregg Ajamu threw in the chant "Sankofa Ashay"! The song "Mystical Lover" didn't include the chants "I girl....on her knees....smoking trees!" and "I guy....on his please!" And the song segued into the tempting "Thigh". I wish that the group could do some other tunes! The group ended their set at 10:05pm. I went to the table and purchased the debut CD by Enemy Squad, called United State of Mind".....the album is DA SHIT!! FFFFONNNN-KAY!! I also bought a sampler tape of their live stuff from their FUNK-O-RAMA performances. And I just had to purchase an ENEMY SQUAD T-shirt!! Boy, if I had $100 or more, I'd probably would have purchased several T-shirts and CDs. Over the club's speakers, I heard two of the group's studio cuts, "Yeah, The World is on Drugs" and "Love War". "The World is on Drugs" is actually the song "Miss Lucifer Love" (by Funkadelic) with the E-Squad vocalists singing over it!! I spotted Gabe Gonzalez, but I did not speak to him. The Enemy Squad set began at 10:40pm. All of the E-Squad members were on stage, minus one lead vocalist (the bald-headed light-skinned guy) and the D.J. E-Squad TORE THAT SHIT UP!! Their set list was: Millennium Swamp Thang Prankster Boogie We're on Sum Other Shit If It Fits Trick Chick Jane United State of a....Mind Anti-Prozac baby Sticky Liquid Funk Love War HIGHLIGHTS: Love War was, of course, THE BEST JAM!!! HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC SHIT!!! Sticky Liquid Funk" was funky, with the "I wanna go home....take me home!" vamp at the end of the song. The E-Squad set ended at 11:45pm. I didn't bother to stay to see H. R. & Human Rights. (H. R. was a member of the group, Bad Brains). Enemy Squad was H.R.'s backing band (Human Rights). I had to catch the train home so I left around 11:45pm.

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